Over at the Scene, I reviewed Fury or, as I like to call it, Straight-Faced Inglourious Basterds.


Over at the Indy, I just did a blurb on Hannibal Buress. I did blurbs on Heather McDonald and Thomas Dixson (one of my favorite local comics, by the way), but I can’t find that shit.

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Well, my time dealing with Boardwalk Empire is almost up. The latest recaps are here and here.

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Well, if you’re black and and have ebola, you’re shit outta luck! (And you know Jesse had something to say on the subject.)

The shouting match between Ferguson protesters and Cardinals fans proves that racism and baseball is as American as apple pie. Meanwhile, Israelis and African refugees are going at it verbally too.

Between his Gone Girl performance and telling Bill Maher to stop acting like a racist yotch, I’m actually looking forward to seeing Ben Affleck as Batman.

Even though he’s on a sitcom where he’s romancing a tall-ass white girl, Harold from the Harold & Kumar movies has dealt with racism. So has Tom Haverford.

One woman believes the children are our future — so tell them that racism is FUCKED UP!

Was Playboy model/Viner Amanda Cerny wrong for this one?

Australians believe that racism can, in fact, drive you crazy. No shit.

The British is still trying to get racism out of football (that’s soccer over here).

Sam Cooke’s greatest song was, of course, inspired by racial prejudice.

As always, racist cops are on the loose, Tasering, pepper-spraying and just strong-arming people. They’re even going into brothas’ pockets!


I wrote about the whole Shonda Rhimes/”angry black woman” thing for the N & O. Let’s see how this goes.

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Sometimes, there is just too much racism in the world for everyone to keep track. So, as a service to you, I’m gonna start recapping the most racism-fueled news stories of the week. So, without any further ado:

Boston Herald apologizes for that Obama watermelon cartoon that Whoopi Goldberg apparently digs.

Speaking of Whoopi, her new sparring partner Rosie O’Donnell took some heat from conservatives for allegedly calling a couple of conservative sites racist.

Hey, you know those Tom & Jerry cartoons you liked when you were a kid? They’re racist now.

Donald Trump needs to shut his trolling ass up about Black-ish. Ted Nugent needs to put a sock in it too.

That guy whose tear-jerking novels always gets made into movies that come out around Valentine’s Day is getting sued over alleged racism.

Some Brits think Banksy is racist.

Michael Dunn is going to to jail. Yeah, I didn’t think that was going to happen either.

I don’t know who this Rio Ferdinand cat is, but he wants everyone to know how racist soccer can get.

Muslims in Australia are letting people know they’re getting beat down over there.

That guy from that podcast your hipster co-workers like reminds us on Twitter how black people are still worth less than white people.

The BBC is getting flak for making Florence Nightingale look like a racially insensitive yotch.

Lesbian couple. Mixed-race baby. Sperm-bank lawsuit. 'Nuff said.

Steve Harvey wants you to stop hating on his new pal Paula Deen.

And of course WorldStar would have my favorite racist-cop video of the week.



I’ve been thinking a lot about video stores as of late – Houston video stores, specifically.

You remember those, dontcha? Those places people frequented back in the day to rent and pick up movies, TV shows and whatnot — usually on VHS videocassette! I’m not even gonna bring that weird time in the ‘80s when people could choose between VHS or Beta. (If you kids want more info on that, Google it or ask your grandparents.) After these people would get the videocassette of their choosing, they would go home and pop it in this device known as a video cassette recorder, or a VCR. It’s all true, I tell you!

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Damn, they’re cute together.

Anyway, I’m still recapping Boardwalk Empire for Vulture. Here’s the latest edition.