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Black, red and beautiful!

"Annie cant be black! shes supposed to have red hair!!!"

Black Gingers are so important.

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I reviewed Helen Mirren’s latest a couple of weeks ago for the Scene. To coincide with the review, I sent my editor a listicle to post on the Country Life blog counting down the Dame’s sexiest, senior performances. It has yet to be posted. I guess ol’ dude thought it was just creepy or whatever. I may have to post it here at some point.


Over at the Indy, I list a bunch of comedians coming to the Triangle this fall. (Another writer handled the main comedy story, I’m assuming because I’m too unpredictable to talk to the region’s artistes.) I also did blurbs on Paul Mooney and Carlos Mencia.

BTW, I blurbed Uncle Elroy last week.


For a book proposal I’m working on.

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Sgt. Thomas McVicar of the Jersey City Police Department shot 22 year old Kwadir Felton, leaving him blind, after Kwadir pulled a gun on him, he claims. Kwadir Felton denied the accusation, stating that he doesn’t even carry guns.

"I don’t understand!" Felton yelled at a police officer before his mother was removed from the courtroom. "You didn’t have to shoot me in the head for no reason! You trying to charge me with something I didn’t do!"

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This broke my fucking heart.

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If you are like me, a black man who has suffered through major bouts of depression over the years, then this past week had to have sucked for you. Then again, if you’re not like me, this week still must’ve blown.

First off, Robin Williams commits suicide, a comedy icon who came to the conclusion that he couldn’t hide his pain anymore and hanged himself. When I first heard the news, it practically knocked the wind out of me. He influenced and entertained so many generations of people – and he’s gone. Just like that.

What’s even worse is, on the same night it was announced he passed away, Ferguson, Missouri, basically turned into Birmingham, Alabama, circa 1963, for most of the week. Could someone please explain to me how cops killing innocent people is still a thing? You’d think that with many Americans basically equipped with their own film crew in their back pocket, fatal police brutality would be at an all-time low. Unfortunately, every week now, it’s like a replay of the climax of Do the Right Thing (which came out 25 years ago this summer, by the way): some cop goes too far, putting an innocent citizen to rest prematurely and the community retaliating with a much-needed revolt.

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