I truly do not know where to begin with this. I mean, I was at the end of my rope. I was going to get evicted if I didn’t come up with the two months’ rent – in full — needed to pay off my landlord’s “enforcer.” I was just about ready to give up, until I checked out Indiegogo and decided, maybe, if I stated my case and where I am at this point, I could at least get some money out of this. I honestly thought it would take four days for me to raise $900 online (which is not even the whole amount – I was going to make up the rest with whatever little I had).

I forgot that I know people. A lot of people. People from all around who, thankfully, like me enough to help me out. Many of them immediately pitched in when the campaign went live. Before the first hour was even up, I raised $400. Two hours later, I made my goal. 24 hours later, I raised over $3500 – and it’s still going.

First off, I should say that, people, you can stop sending money. If you want to donate, that’s fine, but really — I’m straight. Not only do I have enough to pay off the two months’ rent, but I can pay off the next two months. Honestly, I wish I could shut the thing down, but it’s apparently going to continue until it’s finally finished on Friday.

At this point, I’d like to thank, with the utmost gratefulness and sincerity, everybody who donated. I want to thank all my friends and colleagues for donating whatever they had. I also want to thank those who I don’t know at all, yet still gave what they could. I know many of you are/were going through hard times as well, so I greatly appreciate you for contributing.

I owe it to all of you not to be an idiot with my spending. Those who know me know that I don’t waste money frivolously, so I can assure you that most of the money will go to basically getting out of this damn hole, and the rest will sit in a savings account I hope to God I won’t have to go through for the rest of the year. (And if I do splurge on anything, it will probably be for a new pair of black Chuck Taylors.)

There are several things I’ve learned during this whole thing. For one, I’ve learned that people aren’t awful. (As I just recently told a mentor on the phone, “People just gave me $3000 – I can’t say the world sucks anymore.”) Secondly, while no one wants to be seen as a pitiful charity case, sometimes you need help. And, if you can get past your ego and your pride and just ask, people are more than willing to come to your aid. Finally, it made me realize that I should be more giving and charitable as well. I often dream of having enough money and resources to help out those in need. This outpouring has showed me I don’t have to wait until then. From those donating $5 to $200, every bit of it helped. No donation is ever small.

Once again, I thank you all. I’ll do my best to get my shit together in the coming year. Happy New Year, everyone. 

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